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Monday, January 4, 2010

Downtown Glendive, Montana on Jan. 4, 2010 at the height of rush hour

Glendive, Montana is found along Interstate 94 in eastern Montana. about 37 miles from the North Dakota state line. Glendive has a long history, involving farming and ranching, the US Army during the 1800's, Indians,  railroads, homesteading, prehistoric history. The Yellowstone River makes its way past Glendive, carrying a rich history also. The Burlington Northern-Santa Fe railroad is a major employer and prescence in Glendive. Glendive is a slow paced town, with a somewhat alive downtown area. A hospital and various medical clinics offer medical care to area residents.  Dawson County Community College is located there offering a wide variety of courses and degrees. Agriculture and the oil field also provide employment and goods. The population of the town is about and the surrounding county is about 5,000.  Makoshika State Park is just on the edge of  town. There in the badlands, one can find beautiful scenery, abundant wildlife and possibly dinosaur fossils. Many important dinosaur finds have been in the park or nearby. There are approximately 6 or 7 traffic lights in Glendive, how is that for slow-paced?

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