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Monday, January 11, 2010

Here they come!

These are some of our horses coming down a hill to the corrals today. They had been standing up on top of a hill looking down at me until I called them. I was surprised they came running like they did. They had been in a corral for the past week or so because we had moved cattle home. The cattle were running in the pasture along the creek here at home and rather than have the horses hogging the hay when we fed the cows, the horses went in the corral. They very much seemed to enjoy being back out and able to run and stretch their legs, I think. I am glad though that they were glad to see me and came to me so easily.
In this photo, Denny is in the lead, followed by Joe, Kalin is the sorrel, followed by Gracie (the darker gray) and Bailey. Badger and Kenna were just behind.

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