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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

All that's left

This is all that is left of our old house after we burned it a couple of weeks ago. The chimney is still standing and there is a part of the furnace also.  The empty doorway to the back is our root cellar which we are not sure what we want to do about. All of the tress but one survived the blaze. When the snow melts, we will doze the remains of the house. The spring which was the water source will now be piped to a stock tank as a water source for cattle and horses.
The demise of the house has brought mixed reactions. Many people understand why we burned it down and have no problems with it. Others understand, but mourn the loss of a piece of area history. Several of our family members are upset about it . We really can not understand why, as they seemed to have no attachment to the old place.
Now it is gone, and we don't have to watch it just fall apart or worry about grandkids or others exploring there and getting hurt.  It's gone.

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