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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Waiting for the waves

Down in one of our hay yards
sits the boat belonging to my husband and our youngest son. I never had any doubt that  my son would own a boat, he's been a fisherman since he was a little boy. Now, my husband on the other hand, was the last guy I ever expected to want to own a boat for any reason! One day last spring, my husband heard about the boat on the trading post show on the radio. He called about it, and we headed off to take a look at it. It was to be partnership deal between he and our son. Our other son and his family met us to take a look at the boat too. The result of this was we returned home to the badlands with a boat, co-owned by a guy who really doesn't fish!

The boat has provided a lot of fun for my husband,sons and father-in-law. They don't always have a good fishing day, but sure have fun trying! The boat has an engine made for speed and evidently they like to go fast in it. The comment was made by the boys that the first day they took my father-in-law out in the boat and opened it up to go fast, the look of joy on his face was the best part of the day!                                                                                             
Since October, when the boat was parked and winterized it has been sitting among the rows of hay bales waiting for the waves. When the snow melts I'm sure my guys will soon have it ready to take out on to the lakes and rivers. Thru the summer and fall around haying, trucking, and working cattle, they will hook it up and hope to hook some fish and good times!                                                                                             

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