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Friday, March 12, 2010

Badger's first ride Friday March 12

Badger is supposed to be my granddaughter's next horse. We bought Badger as a weanling several years ago and she and Haley have grown up together. Her registered name is Medora Haley. Originally called Pumpkin by Haley, she got her named changed after she dug up her stall like a Badger might. Doug renamed her Badger for that!
For the most part, Badger is a gentle horse and as I have worked with her, she hasn't given any problems. Today, on her first ride, she was pretty gentle too. She let Doug get on and off of  her without any problems. Never once did she offer to buck. She really worked hard on being the one in control. She did  decide to be a drama queen and laid down several times with Doug having to jump off. He then got her up and climbed back on.
She did let him ride her thru the corral to the barn . I think she did get lots to think
about today. We will see if she remembers it in the morning!

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