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Friday, March 5, 2010

Calving time is about here!!

As calving time approaches, the first order of business is to bring our bred heifers home so we can keep an eye on them. Offically, they should start calving on March 15, but we always expect at least one to calve a day or so earlier.

Our cattle are really good about following the feed truck which makes it easy to move them in the winter without a horse. Actually, our cattle are easy to work and move any time we do it. We are feel pretty spoiled when we go other ranches and their cattle aren't nice and calm like ours!                                                                                              

Once we got them trailed home,we sorted the heifers and a few older cows out of the bunch. Two of the older cows needed a little extra TLC and two are headed to the sale barn. We had good help in the corral, Miles, our oldest border collie, was the dog that got to work today. The other three were not happpy having to sit it out in the truck.    
As the cows came in, the bulls had to check out the "girls" thru the fence.  Scottie,our Scottish Highlander steer, has never realized he is no longer a bull at times like that!                     

After all the sorting was done, the heifers settled right in while we trailed the rest of the bunch back out to the pastures. We had a beautiful day to do this, the cattle and dogs enjoyed it as well as the cats. We always have some of barn cats following us when we are in the corrals here at home. Today was no different. The best seat in the house for the ones who were out today was in a hay feeder. The sun felt so good to one of our littler kitties,Marshmallow, she just layed there with her eyes closed and soaked up some rays.         
The last task of the morning was to retreive the four-wheeler which someone who shall remain namless, buried in the snow earlier. (Hint, it was NOT me!)

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