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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Busy day

One of our heifers keeping a close eye
one me as her calf nurses. She had an audience hanging over the fence.A yearling heifer and our Scottish Highlander steer and our Longhorn Steer had to check things out.
Better late than never! We had some cows we bought in Dec and just branded them! They calved last week and needed to be move to new pasture and couldn't be without our brand on them.
This heifer prolapsed so we brought her and her brand new calf in to work on her. She followed behind the four-wheeler carrying her calf. Thank goodness for calm cattle! She was so good for us as we cleaned and put the prolapsed uterus back in. Her bull calf is really good sized and healthy. He laid in the sun while we worked on his mom. When it was all done and over with we had a cow that was ok  and ready to mother her hungry little calf! Love it when it works out like this!

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