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Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 23, 2010

The second day of the trip home I was able to travel pretty much at my leisure since I wasn't driving the u-haul truck or pulling the trailer. I was able to make a quick stop at Wheat Montana near Three Forks, MT. They have the best bread, etc. We can buy it in the stores close to where we live but it is awesome when it is fresh and the store is just a neat place to visit! The wheat and other grains used in their products are Montana grown.http://www.wheatmontana.com/index.php
I also made a stop in Three Forks to see the Sacajawea Hotel and the statue of Sacajawea and her son, Pomp. Sacajawea guided Lewis and Clark and their Corps of Discovery as they made their way to the Pacific Ocean exploring the newly acquired Louisiana Purchase. Three Forks is a really interesting town in a pretty location, near where the Gallatin, Madison, and Jefferson Rivers converge and form the the Missouri River. The Crazy Mountains are featured in the next photo. The mountains are what most people call to mind when they hear Montana. I am not a mountain person, in my opinion, mountains and trees are ok in moderation! I also crossed the Continental Divide earlier that morning but the sign is placed so that it is kind of dangerous to drive and take a photo of it!
As I headed east, past Billings, on to Miles City, and on to Sentinel Butte, ND the landscape became the kind that I love. Between Miles City and Terry, the Yellowstone River runs along the Burlington Northern/Santa Fe Railroad's tracks.These trains primarily haul coal. The sight of those buttes in the badlands near Terry have brought tears to my eyes more than once when I have been away from Montana for a long time! Crossing the Powder River a little further down the road always requires a shout of "Powder River, let'er buck!" (Long story will blog about it later!) My foot got heavier on the gas as I got closer to our ranch and home.  Oh, how I love eastern Montana and far western North Daktoa!

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