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Sunday, March 14, 2010

We were overdue

We were overdue to have something happen to our feed truck. We bought it brand new in 2007 and has been a pain in the neck most of the time we have had it. My husband swears (a lot at this truck) that the first 20,000 miles we put on it came from driving back and forth to the dealer to have warranty work done on it. The Dodge dealer we bought it from is 110 miles north of us at Williston, ND. The only good thing about the drive is getting to see our grandkids and their folks who live in Williston. It has been awhile since anything has gone wrong with the truck. When we were out feeding, we had cut and pulled the strings from our second bale when my husband discovered we had no hydraulics which enable us to lift and lower the big round bale of hay. For a moment he thought we might have a short and he had me climb in so we could start trouble shooting. Then, the pungent smell of hydraulic fluid wafted to our noses. Nothing worse than something leaking hydraulic fluid. We were able to get the bale rolled out. The next bale required the kind of manuvering that makes the bale slide off the bale bed, ie cutting the strings on the bale and then driving up hill so it rolls off and unrolls itself. Once that was done, my husband and son pulled the truck into the shop and determined that a new hydraulic hose and fittings were needed. Thankfully, this happened early enough that the implement dealer was open to get what they needed.  Later in the afternoon they had it fixed.
Actually, I guess it wasn't the truck we had the problem with for once! It was the hydraulics for the bale bed. What next??? Hope it is something minor if it is on that darn white dodge!

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