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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kalin's first ride (GR Saffron)

This was a day I had been very excited about, the day Kalin was ridden for the first time. I love this horse, she has the biggest, most kind brown eyes that are full of intelligence. My husband and I have had no doubt as we watched her grow that she had the makings of a good cow horse. I have shown her in halter classes several times starting when she was a yearling and then as a two year old. We probably could have saddled her up and started riding her last summer but just didn't have the time to do it.  It was probably for the best, I think colts are more ready mentally at three years old to be ridden and she is three this month.
The only thing Kalin has not liked about this new phase in her life is when we start to tighten the cinch. The first time she crow-hopped to get away from it. Now she just humps her back up a little bit. She has really been good about the bit in her mouth and is fairly willing to move out when asked. My husband will ride her a few more times and then I will climb on her. I hope she is as good for me as she has been for him.
Kalin is a "Goldsberry Colt" coming from the Goldsberry Ranch here in western North Dakota. Their horses are bred to be cow horses. I have another coming three year old, Kena, who came from the same ranch, just different bloodlines. She is a completely different horse than Kalin. Kalin has such a kind eye and Kena is more difficult to read. She seems to be a one person horse and I am that person. She is every bit as intelligent as Kalin but of the two she is the one who looks to be built for speed. It will be very enjoyable to have these two horses to ride as time goes on!

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