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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The snake and the pheasant

As I headed out to check cows this afternoon, I noticed two pheasants who looked like they might
be getting ready for a fight. As I kept watching, I realized they were not chasing each other, but chasing a snake. The snake was visible as it came thru some shorter grass. The pheasants had actually got a hold of him time or two while I watched and tossed him aside as he tried to get away.

When I stopped to try to catch the chase with my camera,one pheasant flew away. The other stood his ground and the snake changed course and headed across the trail to higher grass. This is the first snake I have seen since last fall. The warm weather has brought them out to enjoy the sun. This was a fairly large bull snake but it would not surprise me to see a rattlesnake out and about as well. We don't mind bull snakes as they eat mice.

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Linda said...

Our snakes aren't back yet.........for which I'm EXTREMELY grateful. I loved the picture of your bullberry blossoms....they haven't arrived here yet either.