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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Along the way

On Saturday, we went to Billings, Montana to visit a cousin who is in the hospital there and to make our pilgrimage to Costco. I slept most of the way from our place to Billings, although I did wake up when we got to Miles City for breakfast. I went back to sleep then! We had a change of drivers there, Cody driving and Doug getting a nap in too. The plan was to leave at 4:00a.m.but it was closer to 5:00 when we left. See why I needed a nap?  Since I slept on the way over, I  had to take photos on the way home. Since our chauffeur would not stop so I could take pictures I had to content myself with shooting out the window.                   

The photo on top is of the Yellowstone River between Miles City and Terry, Montana. The view from the front seat of the pickup as we passed thru the Hysham Hills near Hysham, Montana. From our place to Billings is about 280 miles, with Forsyth, Montana being the midway point. 
After lunch at the Mongolian grill place, two hospital visits, stops at Best Buy, Sam's and Costco the day was gone. Whoops! I forgot Bill's Saddlery where we hit a great sale, 20% off storewide! That doesn't sound like much maybe, but we didn't feel so bad when we "shopped well" there. We never walk out of there with our checkbook intact. By the time we shopped the other places, the back of the pickup was clear full, which means it really is time to head home!                                                                                                 

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