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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Early morning thunderstorm

These are a few shots of a storm I watched about 6:30a.m Saturday. as it approached our place from the west. From where I observed the storm, I did see quite a bit of rotation in the clouds, but no funnel clouds. The rain where I was at was minimal but the wind blew very hard as the storm hit. The worst part of it seeem to be north not too far from my viewing point. The clouds began to look like just a giant wave or a huge wall the rolled forward. This evening I heard that there was hail in the area from this storm and several others that were in our area today. We are  hoping the hail stays far away from us this summer. We plan on beginning to cut hay tomorrow if it is dry enough. Our alfalfa is absolutely awesome, it would be a heartbreak to be hailed out. One of the good things about living where we do, is that we can see the weather as it approaches.


Anonymous said...

Nice photos, i'v been dreaming to get an oppertunity to pick some good action of nature....but not yet, am waitin :)

-my husband grows cotton- said...

What a storm! I love storms, until they hit ;)