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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sheep are a four letter word

We a cattle outfit,plain and simple! My husband will inform you of that in no uncertain terms. On his list of "four letter" words is S-H-E-E-P. These two rams belong to his cousin who lives northwest of us about 3 miles. This branch of the family has run both cattle and sheep for years. We do usually go up and help them each spring when they shear.
In my husband's defense, we did take a bum lamb a couple of years ago. The lamb went to our granddaughter at her house. I also have had two different bunches of sheep when I was working with a new pup as a stock trial prospect. He grumbled a lot about the sheep until I was done with them but he tolerated them! 


Sharmin said...

ROTFL! My hubs refers to sheep as "pasture maggots" he hates them, too!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Odd looking ram sheep. What kind are they with those wrinkled down noses?

I just sold my two sheep. A Navajo Churro ewe and a Karakul ewe. I didn't like processing and spinning the wool. Too greasy, too stinky. My sheep were actually pretty nice, but I've decided sheep are not for me.
I've got my llamas and my angora goat and that's good for me. lol!