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Monday, June 21, 2010

Think you would like to live and work here? We do both!

My husband,Doug,on Badger in our Twin Buttes pasture this weekend. Hope, was one of three dogs we had along with us as we brought pairs in from this remote pasture. She is a border collie/red heeler cross and worships Doug. She is the kindest little dog, but when it comes to work she gets serious! She is known for grabbing a hold of the noses or tails of cows when she is doing her job. She will hold on to a tail and just bounce along on the ground behind it she decides to let go! This is Badger's first summer as a working cowhorse. She is one of three young horses starting their ranch career on our place. She is powerful, a worker and hardheaded! Hmmmm....kind of like Doug!!


-my husband grows cotton- said...

Sounds like Doug and Badger will get along just fine ;)

I would love to see Hope hanging on! Would make a great video!

fourwilkies said...

Great action shot.

Sharmin said...

You have such a beautiful place, it's amazing how different our places are. Someday I may have to come to visit and just see if the cattle in ND are as ornery as they are in Arkansas...I wonder if Hooter (our bay roping horse) would have fun?