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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Haley was here!

Our eight year oldgranddaughter, Haley spent several days at the ranch with us last week. She loves the ranch, the animals, all of it. She lives only 110 miles away but it seems like 1000 some times! Her grandpa was out swathing when we got there and she called him on  the cell phone as we got close to the field to let him know she had arrived. We met him at the end of a row and she climbed in with him. I don't know who was more tickled to see who, Haley or her Papa Doug! That night she went to bed and slept a few hours and got up with her grandpa to go bale. They came back in about 5:00 a.m. and we all slept in for a bit.
When Haley is at our place, she always has to spend time in the barn with the cats. We have several litters of kittens down there now and all except the little one in her arms are wilder than wild. I think the older barn cats look forward to her being her and all of the attention she gives them.
During the summer, Haley and I always make at least one trip to the historical town of Medora, North Dakota about 23 miles from the ranch. We stroll thru the shops, visit the playgrounds and have ice cream at our favorite ice cream parlor. We also enjoy going to the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame and the Western Edge Bookstore. This trip we visited a doll museum that neither of us had ever been to. She loves to take pictures likeI do which makes it even more fun for both of us.  
Last but not least Haley spends time with her horse, Storm Cloud. She and that little horse make a pretty good team. We also spend time with the cattle, she has several cows of her own. When she is at the ranch, she's happy with the cats, cows, her camera and horse. Jean, boots and her spurs and a dirty face, that is our Haley Ryan! This is where she wants to live and work when she is old enough. We have the same dream for her.


Jennifer said...

How fun! This reminded me of summers with my Pappy. He was a wheat farmer, and we always rode in the tractor with him.

Crystal said...

Sounds like you enjoy her visit as much as she does, how fun!