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Thursday, July 1, 2010

You brought it on yourself!

Yesterday morning, my husband called from down at the corrals to come help him. My mind raced as I put my shoes on, worrying about one of our horses having been wire cut or sick. He called again as I was walking out the door, asking me to bring an spare battery for our Dewalt grinder. This time he told me what was going on. Scottie, our Scottish Highlander steer had gotten his head stuck in a waterer.
Scottie and Gus the Longhorn were brought in from the patsure and the cows and calves they had been running with forever. They forgot they haven't been bulls since they were calves when they were cut and became steers. Last summer they started stealing cows away from the 2 bulls that we put in with "their" bunch of cows. One was a yearling bull who they ran off to the neighbors. When we turned bulls out this year, we brought the two steers home and put them in the corral. After two escapes back to the cows, they are home to stay. Scottie and Gus are both really mad at us if that is possible for cattle! Normally they eat out of my hand but now they will not even come up and sniff my hand! I think it is going to be a long couple of months until they get to go back out to pasture, for them and us!
 My husband, Doug, had to cut thru some sucker rod and sheet metal so Scottie could turn his head enough to get out, about 6"wide by 8 inches tall. Scottie was pretty patient thru the whole process, even as sparks flew from the grinder! Once he got out he never looked back at us and he ran into the other corral. He was just fine, only thing hurt was his pride. He had plenty of water while he was stuck and wait to be freed. This corral doesn't have anyway for them to get their horns stuck! I told Scottie he had brought all of this on himself when he and Gus had to be in from the pasture because of their bad behavior!


fourwilkies said...

Wow. I'm amazed he didn't panic.

Beth said...

What animals get themselves into!!