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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Home on the Range Rodeo Matched Invitational Bronc Ride 2010

For one afternoon each summer, Home On The Range, draws
the PRCA's best saddle broncs and saddle bronc riders to compete
against each other.

Home on the Range is a facility for troubled kids that
is located between Sentinel Butte and Beach, North Dakota.
The Champions Match Ride is a benefit for the kids and
programs at HOTR.

If you  love those broncs, this is the place to be!


Saddle bronc saddles are made like a normal western saddle
in most aspects, except there is no saddle horn.

This event was started by two brothers who were rodeo cowboys from our area. One
of them, Tom Tescher, and his family were neighbors of my husband and his family. Like
the cowboys who attend the event now, Tom was a champion bronc rider. We think we
are pretty lucky to live close by and are able to watch these awesome broncs and cowboys
each year. We see most of them at the National Finals Rodeo each year on tv, while here
at home we get to see them in person!

The pickup men help the cowboy off the horse
at the end of his ride and also get the horse headed
out of the arena.

Sometimes the horses don't come right out of the chute, like this one! But
as you see down below he eventually did and gave the cowboy a good ride.

This year's winner, Wade Sundell,  receiving his trophy saddle and rifle.
Cowboys and broncs at the end of the day.
Home On the Range 2010 Rodeo Matched Invitational bronc riding results : Wade Sundell (Iowa) won the average, 170 on 3 $5,740; 2nd Jesse Wright, 3rd: Jesse Bail, Camp Crook, SD, 4th, Jake Costell, Newell, South Dakota. Jake Costell (Newell, SD) won the 1st round - 87 pts. Jesse Wright(Utah) won the 12 high short go on Steve Waagen's "Stoker's Ace.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Judy!
Carol T.O.

Jinglebob said...

Thanks fro posting these photos and comments. I need to get up to that one of these years!

Shirley said...

What a great thing for those kids to get to see rodeo champs performing for them. I hope it inspires them to get into rodeo.

Beth said...

Lovely pictures. I love watch the broncs. They sure do enjoy their job!

Boot Baby Ranch said...

I love the Match of Champions! Growing up in ND, that was the place to be on a hot summer day, once a year to watch some of the best cowboys around! Back in the day, my dad used to compete in the calf roping there. Good times! Thanks for posting the photos. We now ranch in TX and I have ranch photos posted on my web page, www.bootbabyranch.com . Thanks for checking!