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Friday, August 27, 2010

Sheridan Wyoming 's Interesting Downtown Area

We were in Sheridan, Wyoming this week to watch our calves sell at a video sale. Sheridan is a prettty town on the edge of the prairie with the Big Horn Mountains profiled to the west. It is also a historic town. Due to the beauty of the area, the history and it's proximity to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks it is a big tourist town. The downtown area relfects the history and the tourism aspects very well.
The many stores are an eclectic mix of tourist stops, high end art, varied clothing stores, antique stores, sly fishing and bike shops, floral shops, and more! I spent some time wandering "Main Street" and saw some interesting buildings and stores.

Among the many clothing stores was a bridal shop had beautiful dresses for the bride and her party on dispaly in the window. There are shops with vintage clothing, ultra modern looking stuff and a couple of western stores. Buy a pricey mod dress in one store. Walk a  couple of doors down and buy a new pair of Wranglers and boots.
It seems like every town in our corner of the world has a Rainbow Bar and Sheridan does too. Another thing towns in WY, ND, MT,SD have to have is a bar named Stockman's or at the very least have some thing connecting the bar to cowboys. Sheridan's Mint Bar definetly does that with their bucking horse sign.

I'm not sure how old the WYO Theater
is but it is so intersting looking and must
have a lot of history behind it.

King's Saddlery is where the famous King
Ropes are made. This is an amazing place! Besides seeing where they make the ropes, they also have all kinds of tack
and cowboy necessities. They also have museum full of rodeo and ranching memoribilia. We thought it was pretty cool to walk thru it with a rodeo friend of ours. When I asked if there was a picture of him in the place, he casually said,"Oh, I guess there is one over there," and kept walking. There was a photo of him, Don Tescher riding bronc hanging there.This is place that we can spendmore than a
 little time and money in!

These are two signs that I spotted in downtown Sheridan and really appreciated. The first hangs in the window of a boot shop and the other in the window of the county's
Republican Headquarters.
I think if the chance presents itself to visit Sheridan, Wyoming, it should not be passed up!


Linda said...

I think Sheridan is one of my favorite places. We haven't been there for a few years but I'd go back in a minute, especially to King's ;)

Sarah said...

I've heard that Sheridan is neat. We fuel there when we're headin down 25. Spent lots of time at the Coffee Cup tr st on the north end when we were haulin cows. One of these days I'll have to make a serious stop there. Thanks for the tour. The in-laws sold their calves in a video sale this week too! Hmm...wonder if it was the same one?