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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The girls

These are my girls. Each of them as different as night and day in personality. I wouldn't trade a single one of them. If they weren't bred to be cow-y then we sure got fooled when we bought them! It has been awesome to watch them grow, change and learn from the day they each came to the ranch as weanlings to where they are now.  

The sorrel on the left is Medora Haley, aka Badger. She is the oldest of the three at 5 years. Badger was intended to be our granddaughter, Haley's, future horse. From the very first day they met they loved each other. The guy we bought her from registered her with a name reflecting that. Haley named her Pumpkin which was fine with us. However, Badger had to spend some time in the barn in a stall while she was sick. One morning, Haley's grandpa went down to doctor the horse and found she had dug her stall up by pawing with her hooves. Not just a little bit of disturbance, but the whole thing was a big hole. Doug came up to the house and said," That horse isn't a pumpkin, she digs like a badger. That is her name from now on!".
Badger has never bucked. The first couple of times Doug rode her she decided to roll to get him off of her back. She got over that and things have progressed well since then. She loves to work and has a fit if she gets left behind. She has kind of an ornery streak, which Doug swears adds to her value as a cow horse. She doesn't put up with anything from anyone, human or equine.  We've seen her pick up a cat by the tail that was pestering her and she also has done the same with a calf that wouldn't move. She doesn't hurt them, just moves them out of her way. It seems that Haley may have lost her horse to her Papa Doug. Badger and Doug have become a team now. He loves this horse and she seems to feel the same about him.

The horse in the middle is GR Saffron aka Kalin. She is on her way to becoming quite a cow horse. She like Badger, knows her job is cows and loves it. One look at her eyes and you can see how smart she is and even more than that what a kind horse she is. She is probably my favorite of all our horses. I have been so anxious to start riding her and have finally started to. I have also shown her in several halter classes as a yearling and a two year old. She has always been eager to learn and I don't think she has a mean bone in her body. She is a pleasure to be around, whether I am riding her or just hanging out with her.

GR Smokey Jumper or Kena , is the dark horse. Kena is still trying to decide what color she is going to be. She is just starting her education as a cow horse and again she should be just as interested in working cattle as Badger and Kalin. She has been a complete opposite of Kalin as they have grown up together. For a long time, Kena was very aloof. She got wire cut the day after we brought her home, so I am sure having to be doctored everyday for awhile contributed to the "leave me alone" attitude. This past year she has did a complete turn around. She now seeks out my attention and just soaks it  in when we are together. She is a one person horse and it seems that person is me. I wouldn't say that she is as kind as Kalin but she sure isn't mean. One think that does set her apart is how quick she is. When we bought her and since then, Doug likes to say that Kena "should be able to put a cow down a prairie dog hole, she's so quick." I haven't ridden her yet but that will come before winter is here. That is an exciting prospect. 
It is amazing to think how far they have come from when they came to us as long legged colts just barely broke to lead and now the saddle is just a part of life. A rope swinging over them or dragging behind or a cranky cow doesn't scare them.


Sharmin said...

I love that shot. We are down to two horses right now, Hooter and Boon (I dont' remember Hooter's AQHA name, but Boon' is Boon Bar Kid, and he belongs to Casey. She's had him all his life and he is definitely attached to her. He's a barrel horse, so I don't think he would be much help around cattle. Hooter, on the other hand, is a heading horse and can't stand for a calf to be in front of him. He's a little too smart for his own good. (Obvious by all the gate latches we have to change because he works on them until he breaks them then goes into another pasture to see what he can see.) He's Logan's horse, so we've been told.

Grandpa said...

It's so cool that all of them have names! I've started to name my chickens and goats too (we have two dogs named Ella and M)

Lovely scenery

DayPhoto said...

What a delightful post! Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed reading the love that you have and getting to know your kids.


Sarah said...

three lovely ladies! I like Kena's coloring!
So do you and Doug do your own training! That's something that I'd like to learn to do. I'm clueless though, and so I figure Sky will have to go off to a trainer when the time comes. Espcially since I won't be home to do it anyway (probably).
Thank you for introducing us to your girls. They look like good girls and are lovely to boot!