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Friday, November 19, 2010

Owen and boots

I have been going thru my
        photos selecting some to print for various projects for Christmas. It is
a slow process, as I seem to have to relive each memory the photos bring. Whether
it is pictures of new calves, a new grandson, my flowers, horses, cattle, a sunset, or
countless other subjects I find myself smiling at just about each one! I also was lacking
something to blog about today and found several photos of our oldest grandson, Owen Boone that are ones to make me smile.
Owen likes boots and hats. His favorite pair of boots for a long time were the green lace-up boots he wore until he outgrew them. When we were branding, he had them on and stepped in some "cow" and made them even greener. His reaction to this was "eewww!"
He also found his sister's cowboy boots to his liking more than once. Haley's rainboots fit him so well he could wear them on either foot or frontwards or backwards!
I think one of his most prized possessions are his Muckboots. They were Haley's several years ago. I found them not too long ago in a closet just waiting for Owen. They are still
fairly big for him but he does not care in the least!! He will not go outdoors without them. His mom has a fit about him wearing them in the house and hides them from him
until he goes outside. He hasn't gone wading in the creek in them yet thank goodness and hopefully by the time spring comes they will actually fit him. Then they will be less likely to fill up over the top with water and strand him in the creek!

The Muckboots double was riding boots for Owen.

Taking a stroll with his grandpa while wearing Haley's brown
and pink boots!


Crystal said...

aww those are priceless! expecially the backwards boots.

Sarah said...

what a charmer! He's a doll, even in pink boots! I love the backwards boot shot too.

gowestferalwoman said...

Owen and I both have something in common...:) I have more boots then regular shoes!

But hes a def. much more cute in his lol!