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Friday, December 3, 2010

Late Afternoon 12-2-2010

This is Camels Hump, which is southwest of our ranch. It is a one of a kind landmark in our area, very different from the numerous buttes and clay knobs we have. The weather was changing here late yesterday afternoon when this was taken, so the clouds looked especially interesting, I thought. We had fog earlier in the day and some of the grass and brush still had frost clinging to them.
This little mulie fawn was only one of about 20 deer I saw at a neighbor's. He started feeding the deer last winter since he is housebound so they get pretty tame. I hope they stay in close to his place rather than hay yard!


DayPhoto said...

I love your visitas! Sometimes I think they look somewhat like where we live.


Sarah said...

beautiful scenery! As cold as it is up there, I still wish I was there instead of down here in southern AZ. And I know deer are destructive, but I do enjoy seeing them in the yard. I'd be tempted to feed them too, and kind of do, since they rob my bird feeders every night when I'm at home to fill them.