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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New bulls

We bought four new bulls earlier this month. They were
delivered a couple of days before Christmas, coming from
down near Belle Fourche, South Dakota. We kept them in the corral for several days before turning them out with the rest of
our bulls. Before we turned them out we needed to get our brand on them. They got our
"x reverse j" brand as well as the number nine. The nine denotes the year they were born, 2009.

These new bulls will be used as "heifer" bulls to breed our 140 heifer calves this summer. These bulls should produce light birthweight calves which is important for the heifer's first calf, making it easier on her and more likely to produce a live calf. These bulls were chosen for that as well as several other traits. We especially like these bulls from these bloodlines for their good temperment. We have one outstanding bull from the same ranch that not only produces outstandingly muscled calves but he is a very good natured bull. This trait is important to us as many times it is just myself or my husband handling the bulls. We also make sure our cows have a good temperment, it sure makes things easier and safer!

 After we branded the four bulls, we loaded them up and took them to the pasture where the rest of our bulls are spending the winter. Almost as soon as they were unloaded the resident bulls came bellering as they came thru the brush to meet the new guys. It took only a few seconds for several fights to begin. There are four old bulls in this bunch, so they pretty much rule the roost. The new bulls are coming two year olds, they will be some of the younger bulls in the big bunch. They eventually get it all worked out, I guess!


{Far From Perfect} said...

They're looking great! We just got another bull a few weeks ago as well. :)

5 Starr's Farm said...

Nice looking bulls...........
love the Spring Countdown..............Sam

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Handsome fellas!
Fascinating to learn more about them. Will they grow horns, or are they polled?
How many bulls do you have in all? And are they all breeding bulls, or for eating?
When do you let them in with the cows? And is there fighting for mating, or do they all just 'get to work'?
Sorry for all the questions. I just find it so interesting and such a different lifestyle.


Crystal said...

We bought a few new bulls this fall also, but the breeder is keeping them over the winter till we want them in the spring.

gowestferalwoman said...

disposition is an important trait ~ keep yourself safe!