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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Stills "Pets"

I was going to skip the Sunday Stills challenge this week, since life seems to be a blur at our place lately. However, I did get a chance to sit down this afternoon and decided to go thru the 100's of photos I have of our four dogs and housecat. Chosing ones to use was hard! I did enjoy looking at Miles, Boyd, Hope,Boyd and Ty the Kitty Guy in the countless shots of them! Each them deserves their own separate blog entry soon, they are each loyal, dedicated, special friends.

Tyler aka Ty the Kitty Guy


Miles, my best friend.
I've had Miles since he was six weeks old. He is a border collie out of Kentucky. He is  probably the best dog I have ever owned of any breed. Miles is ten years old now. We have a lot of history together.

                                                                  Hope, Doug's girl.
Hope will be seven this coming summer. She is totally devoted to Doug and is the kindest little dog...except when she is working cattle. She is a border collie and red heeler mix. Both of her parent belong to friends of ours on ranches in the area.

Vesta Cody's pup,
who is full of bite and attitude!
Ves is going to be four years old in August. She is a border collie and blue heeler cross. Her mom is a beautiful blue heeler belonging to Doug's cousin who ranches near us.      

Boyd, my other guy.
Boyd, will be five years old in a couple of days. I picked him out when he was three weeks old and have had him since he was five weeks old. He is a border collie, born in South Dakota. Boyd is very different than Miles in most ways, but he is an awesome dog.


Shirley said...

Glad you didn't skip this one! Your cat sure is contemplating how to snag an ornament. I like the working dog shots.

dibear said...

Your dogs are awesome!! Sweet kitty too. :)

5 Starr's Farm said...

Great action shots, and I love your snow background.

DayPhoto said...

Love meeting your friends! I just don't think life is really complete without pets.


morephotosplease said...

Quite the collection of pets. Great photos of all of them.

gowestferalwoman said...

If those border collies had opposable thumbs, they'd take over the world I swear - it looks like yours are just ready to start talking to you about how they would do things...:D

kitties would take over the world if they wanted to but they like to sleep too much!

I love your critters - they look to be a very intelligent bunch!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I am glad you didn't skip the challenge! I so enjoyed your photos..you have a great bunch of dogs! I can tell you adore them..and they love working! Your Boyd is beautiful..I like his coloring..somedays I would like another Border Collie so that Chance would have company..he likes to work all day long too..herding the ball and keeping us in check:)