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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

There is hope

These new calves belong to a neighbor of ours. They start calving around January 10 each year. I usually like to go by their place to get a "boost" or "calf fix" whenever I can.  It still amazes me that anyone would have any new calves come at this time of year! I always get a giggle out of watching one of those calves take off running and bucking and feeling good, just like ours do in warmth of Spring!
We don't start calving on our place until April 1. By then the grass is turning green and although we may still have a snow or two, spring has pretty much arrived . We have more warm days than cold ones then too. Seeing these new calves reminds me that spring will come. Maybe not as soon as I would like but this is a glimmer of hope for it's arrival on the horizon!


DayPhoto said...

Most of the ranchers around us calf out in February. They want the calves to have enough size by April to make the hike to the mountains. January seems a little rough. Brrrr.

Great Photos anyway!


Sarah said...

WAAAAY to early for my blood! The in-laws used to calve in Jan/Feb too. Now they do it in April/May like you do. Its just nicer for those midnight hikes to the barn and lot, among other reasons.

Far Side of Fifty said...

There is hope for spring! I liked the photos of the new calves too:)

gowestferalwoman said...

Whoa thats too early up here isnt it? Gosh they seem so...vunerable! But they are adorable! I bet they loved the warm weather we got this week - but they wont love the snow coming this weekend!