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Saturday, April 9, 2011

2011's First Calf

This was the first calf born on our place this year. Born on March 30, this little bull calf was one of two calves to arrive that day. Evidently his mom and one of the neighbor's Hereford bulls spent some time together last summer just before we turned our bulls out. The  photos were taken the day after the calf was born. The cows were on the move to the feed ground and he kept right out with his mom. She eventually stashed him under a buffalo berry bush while she ate.

When he was four days old we moved cattle to a new pasture. To get there he had to cross Knutson Creek which was running pretty full. It is amazing how tough those little guys can be and also how fragile too. Now, a week after being born he is the only white-faced calf although we do have one brockle-faced calf. Among the ever increasing number of black calves he is easy to pick out! We usually have a couple of brockle-faced calves each year out of the few baldie or brockle cows we have but probably 98%. We have four Red Angus cows and sometimes they throw a red calf and but more often black, as all of our bulls are registered Black Angus.

"You said you wanted to play. Aren you coming or not?"


Linda said...

Happy New Year!

Sarah said...

I just love the little black baldies! They are my favorites I think!

5 Starr's Farm said...

Love little baby calve, cute cute!

DayPhoto said...

AHHH! What a good looking boy! And spring is there! Grass for the taking!


Sharmin said...

What a cutie. He would fit in well here on the Jennings farm. We have a Hereford bull and Brangus cattle. I love the little lack baldies. We have a few red baldies this year, too.