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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sunday Stills "Up in the air"

Of all of the birds God created, the Western Meadowlark is my favorite. They usually stay around our area til mid October, returning in mid-March. Several times over the years, I have had to live elsewhere. Those places had their pretty or interesting birds,but the Meadowlark remained my favorite.
The Meadowlarks' arrival is something that is anxiously awaited each spring by most of us in our little corner of the world. When that sweet song is heard for the first time on a day in March, it gives us a boost and we know spring is on the way, sooner or later!
My fourth grade teacher in Wyoming,Mrs.Tisdale, told our Wyoming History class just what it is the Meadowlark says when it sings. She said it is "John Green Whitaker". My 8 year old granddaughter has grown up being told that. However, she has always told us it is "John Deere Whitaker". My mother-in-law tells me the song says, "Here's the pretty little bird" 
No matter what the words to the song are, I love these birds that are so much a part of the prairie I love.  Sitting on an electrical wire, a sagebrush or a fence post, they will sing in the rain or the snow. When I hear them, I know I am home.


Brenda said...

wonderful! the first one is really singing!

Jake said...

Nice action shot.

Ed said...

Nice, is that a yellow warbler? Great shot..:-)

aurora said...

Love the first shot! Can you add sound ;)