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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It would be a beautiful fall day if the wind wasn't whipping around outside! Lots of sun, blue sky and really not too cold. The wind however feels like it is blowing off of a snowdrift somewhere!

My husband is helping a friend who is trying to finish his new shop before winter decides to come. So it was my herder dog, Boyd, and I feeding cows today. We didn't mind one bit! He likes to run ahead of the feed truck on our way back out of the pasture. Boyd will lie in wait for me to approach and then zoom off. Here you can see him peeking out of the rut of a cow trail.

The cattle were glad to see me coming with a bale to roll out for them. They are currently in a pasture that we moved out of almost two months ago as our water source had all but dried up there. There is a good quantity  of grass there yet and we have had a little rain so the dam can water them. They can also go thru a gate to the next pasture where we have a water tank with pipeline water. I think they divide their time between the two water sources.

We shipped our calves on Oct. 19 and will preg check our cows and heifers on Nov. 16. Due to the drought our calves shipped a little lighter than we would have liked, but not too bad. We are hoping that the drought and hot weather hasn't affected our conception rate with our cows and heifers.

These photos will give you an idea how bright blue the sky is today! These formations are known as clay knobs. They have been etched by wind and water over the years.

Next event of my day is to head to town for lunch with a friend. I don't have to worry about voting today. We took care of that with early voting last week in case it stormed or something.Then I will hit the library for books and a visit with another friend who is the librarian & pick up cat food for the barn kitties. The final stop is at my massage lady to get de-stressed and smoothed out! It has been a long time since I have visited her. Looking forward to that!Will have to fight the wind as I head to Montana to do all of that, but I bet I sail home to ND!


Shirley said...

Loving that blue! It's always good to have a good dog to help with chores.
A massage? Ooooh I could use one of those- enjoy yours!

5 Starr's Farm said...

Our skies are only blue like that after a good rain. Having the dogs along while doing chores, makes it's fun. Hope you had a great day.