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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Stills "F"

This week's Sunday Still is "F". I had lots of ideas but this is what I ended up with!
Cedar "F"ence post

 I went to town twice this week. One of the days I took the "scenic route" to take some photos in an area I hadn't been to for a long time. The snow is still deep in places. We do have some bare places showing again although you would not think so by looking at these photos.

Two "F"ences (Fences), wood and barbed wire
 I really like this old barn and fence. I had wanted a photo of it to use several weeks ago for Sunday Stills "Old Barns" and was unable to get it taken.
"F"orage  (Forage)
The photo above is a look at a bale of alfalfa grass hay. The outer layers are brown and weathered and the inner ones are still green and fragrant.

I have felt like the scenery around here this past week has been very dreary and lacking color. In the summer, my yard isn't lacking color, thanks to my flowers.

"F"lowers (Flowers)


aurora said...

Good ones! It's refreshing to see colorful flowers in January, however my fav is the two fences photo.

Vaquerogirl said...

Those are Fabulous! Freezing weather though~ Fancy that you would find flowers with all of that!

Martine said...

Lovely to see the variety here... I like the moody barn with Fenceposts, and the flowers are very cheerful.

dibear said...

Love the picture of the two types of fencing best, but very frigid looking! :)

Eva said...

Lots of different Fs. Great!

TheChieftess said...

F is for Frozen!!! One thing about snow...when the flowers finally pop up..they're even more appreciated!!!

Janice said...

Great choices ...love the flowers....color color!!!!

MTWaggin said...

I love all the pictures but the first few were AMAZING.

Annette Mickelson said...

I particularly love that first fence post shot.

henrygl.com said...

Wow, those fences really fits in to our challenge

~ Janis said...

Nice fence photos ! I am a barn groupie. Just posted one on my page too. Come visit my Vermont herd when you have a chance; www.tailgait.blogspot.com
We are one day closer to spring!!