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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Joy, oh, joy!!

At least once a month, I have to do it. No getting around it, the job has to be done. I use the computer or calculator, checkbook beside me and a pile of  envelopes to sift thru. I sit down at my desk or at the dining room table, take a deep breath and begin. Paying bills is a fact of life. Everyone has some type of bill, a phone bill, mortage payment, car payment, credit card bills, payments for furniture and so the list goes. We don't have any more bills than most people really, just some different types. We make payments on farm equipment, land, accounts used for parts, fuel  & feed. Vet bills are a constant in our life. Vaccine, injuries, pregnancy and bull testing, and assorted drugs all add up. We've got to spend money on those things to make a living.
There have been times in my life when I was physically sick before, during and after I sat down to pay bills. Yes, it really was that bad. Now though, I may complain about having to pay bills, or maybe even put it off but I can pay them. I admit I do hate to watch our checking account balance deflate as I right checks for each one.  When I think about it though,  it is the time it takes to do this task. It is just so time consuming! In the end, every time, it feels so good to be finished...until the next time!!!

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