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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not even ONE!!! and update

It is 1:26pm and I have not taken even one photo today. Yesterday I took 51 and the day before that 121. I didn't take my camera outside with me this morning to do chores and should have. The kittens were playing out in the sun, we cleaned the barn using the backhoe for some of it, and tubed a bloated heifer. No doubt I could have gotten some neat photos.My camera was sitting on the dining room table all morning!

It's now 7:52pm and I do have a photo to post and if the quality isn't great the message is! A new piece of history has occured. The state of Massachusetts has elected a new Senator and it is a Rebublican!! Scott Brown defeated Martha Coakley which has made the Democrats lose their majority in the Sentate. Now hopefully, the Democrats will seat him in a timely manner and not hold things up so he can get to work.
I hope my writing about this does not offend anyone, but I feel very strongly about getting things staightened out in our country. A year ago, people voted for someone they thought would bring change which is understandable. Instead of change, nothing has changed. I sincerely feel that maybe the best thing for our country is to remember the things that America was founded on. It seems that over the years those principles have been lost along the way. Those principles were meant to serve all citizens of our country,not just a group or the government.  We all have to work together.
Enough said on this subject. It seems WE THE PEOPLE have spoken. Let us continue to be heard.
God bless Ameica, my home sweet home.

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