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Saturday, January 23, 2010


This is our indoors cat, Tyler or Ty the Kitty Guy. He has been a part of our life for two years. We brought him home from a friend's ranch when he was about 12 weeks old. Tyler, his mom and  littermates were hanging around on the deck when we were visiting. As we watched them play, our friend mentioned the mother cat was "a heck of a mouser". The indoor cat we had at the time was not the most friendly cat, she preferred to sleep and go outdoors. A good mouser is always nice to have when you live in the country. A couple of the kittens had come and sat with me on the glider I was sitting on. I asked if any of the kittens were spoken for and was told several were. Ty had been especially friendly to me and as I hoped, he was not spoken for. We brought Tyler home with us that evening.
Our other cat just kind of ignored Ty , like she did us most of the time. We soon found out that we had the most annoyingly affectionate cat there was! I would sit down and there he'd be. He sat in my lap, on my shoulder, wrapped himself around my neck, rubbed his face against mine. When he was pushed off onto the floor, he would just climb right back up. He would also sit with Doug and Cody but preferred me. Sleeping with Tyler was next to impossible, he wanted to lay as close to my face as he could get. He lost the privledge of sleeping with us.
Tyler has finally  found a happy medium when it comes to wanting to show affection. He sleeps with us not on us. He still likes to sit in my lap but confines himself to just my lap. Sometimes he is a pain when he thinks he needs to lay on top of my laptop computer as I use it though. He always has a kitty kiss for me, rubbing his face against mine.
As far as inheriting his mother's mousing ability, he seems to just fine in that area. His main job is keeping us company and keeping us entertained. He is so tolerant with kids and really seems to enjoy their company. He gets along well with our dogs .There are times all four dogs and Ty can be seen sprawled out across the living room floor.He likes to stand on the edge of the kitchen sink. From there he can watch the birds at their feeder. He knows he isn't supposed to be there but can't help himself. He has also become the perfect photography subject, he is so good at being cute!

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