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Friday, January 22, 2010

My social life

My social life sits here on my desk. I'm not complaining, I feel very fortunate to have friends from all over the country some far and some very near. Actually, the telephone has come to play a very small role in my communications with friends. There were times in my life when I could spend hours on the phone visiting. The phone was my lifeline to my family and friends no matter where I lived. Now I use the computer as my primary means of visiting with and keeping up with family and friend.via emails, Scrapbook.com or Facebook.
What prompted me to take this photo (of admitedly bad quality for some reason) was my friend, Jackie. She and I used to be neighbors in Montana.. Not only were we neighbors but the very  best of friends even after I moved away for 7 years. We worked together in Glendive also and took turns driving to work. Even after we had worked together all day and rode home the 20 or so miles, we would still call and talk to each other later in the day! During those years I was away from Montana, we would talk to each other at least weekly on the phone. After I moved back home, remarried and moved the whole 35 miles from her to Sentinel Butte, North Dakota things changed. I rarely see her and if I do it is at the libary where she works and our visits are never long enough. Today I noticed she was online using Facebook and we started chatting there.After a few minutes, I picked up the phone and called her instead. We fell into our old conversation rythym ven though we were both using cordless phones and the power kept flickering on us due to bad weather.I have a feeling our visits will be much more frequent now even if we don't often get to see each other in town .
Thru Scrapbook.com  I have made a wonderful group of friends who love photography first and foremost, scrapbooking, their families, animals, and other things that are important to me also. We are a very diverse group of women but it has been terrific getting acquainted with them. The computer lets me do that on a daily basis.
Email lets me share news, jokes, photos, etc.with my family and friends. I used to write a lot of letters but rarely do so now. Email is not necessarily easier but more immediate I guess.
Facebook has been a fun experience. I have reconnected with family members, kids I went to grade school and high school with, neighbors I grew up with and even friends just across the state line! I love the daily interaction between all of us. For us who live in Montana and North Dakota it seems to fill a lot of winter days and evenings. I also visit there with my Scrapbook.com friends.
I do on occasion still type or handwrite a letter and stick it in the mailbox. I enjoy getting "real" mail too. For me no matter how I do it, I love to visit with my friends and family!


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