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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Red Hat Ladies

For the second year, my mother-in-law asked me  to attend the Spring Fling for area Red Hatters and take pictures. The Red Hatters are women 50 and over who gather together and just have a good time. The red hats and purple accents reflect the carefree attitude quoted from a poem about being old and able to wear purple and red. This luncheon has Red Hatters coming from extreme southeastern MT and southwestern ND, distances of up to 100 miles . I am approaching the birthday that will entitle me to wear a red hat and purple, but I think I will pass for a few years! I will keep taking photos of those ladies having fun which is all of the red hat fun I need for quite a few years!

What a variety  of red hats!!

The Sentinel Butte/Beach, North Dakota Red Hatters.My mother-in-law is on the top row at the far right.

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