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Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday, April18

We moved our older bulls to the bull pasture last evening. They knew right where they were going and just lined out and headed where they needed to go. It was kind of cloudy early in the ride but as the evening wore on, the sun came out and the evening really turned out pretty.
After we got our bulls moved, we rode over to another pasture to check on the heifers and their calves. We had one heifer we had grafted a calf to that had forgotten she needed to feed the calf. We pushed all of the the heifers and calves, along with our longhorn and the scottish highlander, into a corral so we could haul the pair home.
This turned out to be just alittle bit of a job, since the heifer wanted nothing to do with the plan! In the end we did get it done and the pair hauled home to rebond.
The evening gave my husband the opportunity to give Badger a good workout and she did well for him. She is learning fast. It gave me the opporunity for some good photos.

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