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Sunday, May 16, 2010

New photo challenge! Sunday Stills

2009 wild crocus
May 15, 2010 wildblooms
This is my debut in a weekly photo challenge that I have joined, Sunday Stills. My understanding is that each Sunday we post a photo of the topic chosen for the week. This week happens to be wildflowers. I am using a photo from last spring that I took and happen to love. I am also using a picture of a little blossom I found when I was out checking cows here. The weather just hasn't been warm enough to get our flowers popping out!


Ed said...

Welcome to Sunday Stills, love the krokus shot..:-) Ed

prairierunner said...

Welcome, welcome and welcome. I love crocuses......especially after the spring we've had...good job.

Sandy said...

Welcome to Sunday Still! The wild crocus are beautiful!!

From the Heart of Texas

gigi said...

Welcome to the Sunday Stills. Great job on the wildflowers ;)