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Monday, May 17, 2010

No doubt it is Monday

Started out with a beautiful morning, sunny skies, meadowlarks singing, the day stretching ahead and me full of optimism. Now at noon, things aren't nearly as bright and cheery, our at least my outlook isn't!
Started out with cows in the hay yard which shouldn't have been a big deal but escalated into a major catastrophy. One of those things I was sure I could take care of myself and no one would know. Sure I took care of it....just made it worse. OMG, how the heck do I do these things???? Luckily it involves things with four wheels and not four legs.  Should I cry, laugh or scream??


Linda said...

Just get up and go on...you'll look back at today and laugh..........some day!

Sharmin said...

Whichever makes YOU feel better....because they won't work.