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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Park Burn-update to post

This prescribed burn was on an area of the south unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park which is not to far east of us. This area is probably 25 miles from our place. The Park Service think the might increase their carrying capacity of those darn elk, I guess. Actually, this is an area of the park that sees heavy usage from concentrated numbers of bison and elk year round. We saw the smoke as we were headed home and then as we got closer we could see it was right along the highway. Even though it was burning a long way from our place and the wind pushing it further, it still gives me a sick feeling. The sight and smell of smoke out on the prairie and in the badlands is not a good thing anytime of the year in most cases!                                                                           

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fourwilkies said...

I hope it was an intentional burn?