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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I love fall!

This was a perfect fall day with cool temps and sunshine. A good day to be outdooors checking cattle and taking a few photos. The snow we had a few days ago is long gone, leaving us with some good subsoil moisture and settling the dust! These are hoo-doo or table rocks in the photo above.

The red and white dome looking formations are called knobs. The white ones are made of gumbo clay and the red sprinkled on others is scoria rock. The brown flowerheads are purple coneflowers that had bloomed in late June thru July. The grayish blue colored plants are sagebrush. That is one of my favorite smells,  handsdown!

Boyd takes his job very seriously, even when he is in the truck.

Some of this year's steer calves. They just keep growing!
 Then again, that is what they are supposed to do! Right?

I love fall in the North Daktota badlands! 

These two knobs below are "Sophie's Nipples" and are a noticable landmark in this particular pasture. We graze this pasture only in the late summer thru late fall. The clouds foretell another change in our weather for tomorrow. Rain is in the forecast.


lisa said...

Awesome, pictures love the knobs. Has to be nice looking at something that breaks up the landscape a little. Boyd sure does look like he is watching what is going on around him!

fourwilkies said...

Thanks for explaining your local landmarks. There were hoodoos in Alberta where I grew up. I wonder who Sophie was? Surely there's a good story there if you just knew who to ask ...
Your steers look terrific.

Crystal said...

Your calvees sure are looking good!
I find it amazing since I been reading your blog how similar the scenery is to here in Alberta. With some differences too of course.

Shirley said...

Lovely photos and some downright interesting landmarks. Keep your rain - we had enough the last few days!

DayPhoto said...

Lovely! Someday I want to see the Badlands! Some of your land looks like some we have around here, but not the thick lush grass!

Our rain has left us so it must be on it's way to you.