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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Gate Opener

Our granddaughter,Haley is big enough to open some of our gates. Some of
them seem to take the strength of ten men or a fence stretcher to open. My father-in-law
builds gates that way, so the ones he made are easy to pick out.! Today
she ethusiastically was on the look out for gates she could open by herself. This
was her first gate.

She worked on closing it herself.

After working on it for awhile, she hollered for help. I think she just
might have gotten it closed if she worked on it a little longer.
I hope she always is so willing to open gates, it makes less work for
Grammy when we are out together in the pasture!


Sarah said...

what a sweety! I'm sure you do enjoy having her help, and I'm glad she enjoys being a helper! I have a hard time with gates too. So much so that I hardly even try to open them anymore. If I do get them open, chances are I won't be able to close them, so if I"m alone, I just leave them how they are. Its safer that way.

Crystal said...

Hmm I need a gate opener!
Glad shes so enthusiastic about it.

gowestferalwoman said...

Im usually the one who hits her head on the rearview mirror and bumps her behind on the middle console while trying to avoid the trailer brake box when climbing over to drive the truck through as Mr. foresterman holds the gate open - im not sure which is easier lol

Good job Haley!