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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Will we get there before dark?

Not the best quality photo but I still wanted to share it. After a late start, my good friend, Sandy, and I, trailed
some cows and calves from her homeplace north to the "Beaver Hill" pasture. It took us about another forty-five minutes or so to reach where we were going. It was dark when we got there. We could hear her husband coming across the prairie in the truck with the trailer to take us home. In the cell phone age, we were able to call him and have him flash his lights to let us know where he was so we were able to head right to the gate. It was "as dark as the inside of a cow" as my  husband says on such dark nights. The wind wasn't too bad although we did get sprinkled on with rain several times and the temperature really took a dive. After we loaded our horses in the trailer and crawled in to the pickup, the heater sure felt good! Even though it was a long, late chilly ride, it was a good time. Being with your best friend talking about our horses,cattle, kids, grandkids and life is always a good time!


fourwilkies said...

Lovely to see cattle moved calmly.

DayPhoto said...

Brrr! I'm sure that heater did feel good. And the cows were glad for the new pasture. Late fall is upon the land and night is falling early.


Shirley said...

Sometimes the best times happen despite the weather.