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Friday, October 15, 2010

Doing the Happy Dance!!

The photo I am currently using as my header for this blog is on the cover of the current issue of the North Dakota Stockmen's Association magazine!! Several weeks ago, I had a phone call from the NDSA asking for info about the photo which I had submitted to them. Today, when my huband and I stopped at our mailbox and I pulled out our mail....there the magazine was!!!! With the photo on the cover!!! It is their annual Angus issue and our bulls are all Black Angus and our cows are all Angus or Angus crosses.
The man in the photo is my husband, Doug, riding Medora Haley (Badger) with two of our dogs, Vesta and Hope, helping him push the cows.


Donald said...

Congratulations! It is a great photo, I'm not surprised.

Shirley said...

Allright! Congratulations!

Crystal said...

Thats awesome!!

Sharmin said...

That is a beautiful photo, congratulations!

DayPhoto said...

OH! Jolly Great NEWS!!!!

It is a wonderful header photo and now for the FRONT PAGE!!