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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Stills "Cars"

Two years ago, we traded off our Jeep Grand Cherokee for this VW bug. At first I loved it, it was so different than anything I had ever driven before. By the time six months had passed, my husband and I were both ready to trade it off. It just was not made for the country roads we drive. My husband was always saying we were blading more roads with the bottom of the Bug than the county did with their road grader!
This is what we traded the Bug for, this Toyota Tundra. It is much more suited to us and our environment. This is our "good" car, with our other two vehicles being Dodge one ton dually pickups.

The "feed truck".

The "maroon truck" as we call it. All three of our trucks
are more often that not mud encrusted  when . I can't believe
that I had photos of the other trucks when they were clean!
This truck used to be our "good" truck until diesel prices sky
rocketed. We use it though when we haul cattle or horses
long distances. It is my favorite to drive, especially in the
winter. It has heated leather seats!


dibear said...

My hubby would love to have the Tundra! The last "maroon" truck looks like the real work horse. :)

Ed said...

Love the last one, a bit muddy..:-)

Sandy said...

I've always thought I'd like one of those VW bugs they are so cute and smell like crayons inside but then I know I would not like sitting so low to the ground and would feel like I was about to be squashed in a bug! LOL Wonderful photo of yours though and of your trucks--mud and all. :)


Shirley said...

I don't think there is a car made that can stand up to gravel roads. Love trucks!1

Linda said...

We traded off our Murano for the same reason, gravel roads are hard on vehicles.

Sarah said...

I posted a comment earlier, but then my computer messed me up so I don't think it went through. I was saying that I am amazed you drive a beetle out there on those roads. I can just picture you grading the road with the bottom of hte car. How does it do in winter? or have you had that experience yet. As for the last picture, there is no doubt in my mind that its of a ranch vehicle. You wouldn't have even had to label it as such!

Regular Guy said...

Great story and pictures. Looks like a rough area for a bug, good trade.

CCC said...

I love bugs, well those kind. The photo of that one looks like it could be on a brochure to sell them. Makes me want one (again)

Ann said...

you definitely made the right decision, you need a lot of muscle for your kind of road. In Chinese, we called a VW a turtle, which wasn't very nice.

Sharmin said...

My dad used to say Casey's car was so low (Pontiac G5) he would have to pick the gravel out of his butt if he rode in it. I don't know how she gets it down our road....well, in bad weather she doesn't, I have to pick her up at the highway and she parks it at a friend's house. We just traded our Dodge 2500 with a Cummins diesel for another family rig...my Yukon Denali. I have to have 4wd...I have to be able to pick the girl up at the end of the road when she can't make it home. LOL