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Monday, November 8, 2010

Cows all day

Yes, I caught you red handed!! I was going outside to get something
from our freezer in the shed this morning and caught these cows and bull munching
the bale of hay intended for them. I just wasn't ready to go feed them yet!

Vesta and Boyd got them moving back to where they were
supposed to be!

We have a group of coming two year old heifers that kind of
travel along in a gang. They are constantly together which means if they
get out or are someplace they shouldn't be, they are together! I have
started calling them the "Hooligans." We sorted cattle yesterday and had
cows, calves and bulls all over the place until we got them switched around
to where they were supposed to be this afternoon. I feel lucky the "Hooligans"
didn't pull my new flannel sheets off of the clothesline!

Heading the last of the steer pairs over east with the other steers.
They will be shipped to South Dakota on Wed. We have had temps in
the 60's for the past four days. It was beautiful! The clouds started coming
in  ahead of some snow and cold forecast for the next two days.

After coming across the top of the south half of Section 27, we
head down into a creek bottom.

Out of the creek bottom into the open again and headed north. I like this shot as it shows how wide
open it is at the edge of the badlands which start just over the hill.

Ahhhh.....love those black cows and calves!!! About one more mile to go to join the rest of the bunch.

The end of the trail for the day!


fourwilkies said...

Nice looking bunch!

Crystal said...

looks like a reward at the end of the trail

DayPhoto said...

Really nice looking cows!


Shirley said...

Nothing like the smell of sheets fresh in from hanging on the line!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I really like that last shot of number 56 munching on some hay but giving you the eye:)

gowestferalwoman said...

Looks like all is well over there - even the sheets, giggle!

we ended up with the really cold temps and a bit of snow like youre having - Im so glad Im not in Wisconsin anymore, they got socked with 10 inches! And most likely that will stay until april...