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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Belated Christmas FamilyTime

 We had planned on spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with our oldest son,Rory,  and his family at their home at Williston, ND. Anytime we spend with our grandkids and sons is great but we were especially looking forward to being their to watch Haley, Owen and Connor open their gifts and see what Santa had brought them.  Cody went up to their place the day before Chrismas Eve.

The plan was to get chores done early and quick on Christmas eve and make the drive north. Doug's cousin, had said he would do our chores the next day for us.  As we were just heading out to feed, Rory called with bad news. They were all sick with stomach flu except for Cody, who must have had it the week before. Rory said, "Mom, I think you guys better stay home so that you don't get the flu also." I felt guilty for not saying, "No, that's alright.We will still come." Instead, I said, "You are probably right, we sure don't want that stuff too!" At the same time I was feeling guilty, I was already feeling the ache of not getting to spend Christmas as a family.

After tellling Doug of the change of plans, the day went on as normal. Cattle were fed, late in the afternoon we decided to go to Dickinson to the movies and grab a few groceries. After Rory's phone call, it just didn't feel like Christmas for either of us. The next morning the most Christmas-ey thing we did was open gifts and talk to the kids who were starting to feel better and other family members on the phone. The rest of the day was just like any other day. It sure wasn't the day full of fun we had looked forward to!

A week later however, on New Year's Day, we did go to Williston and had our Christmas together. It didn't matter what day it was, it was just good to be together.
Owen and Haley had a great time opening their presents and since six month old Connor was sleeping at that time, they opened his too!  Watching their joy not just at opening the gifts but also at having us there made everyone happy.
Haley loved her Bryer horses and books. What really grabbed her though was a shirt and vest that was bargain clearance that Grammy found at Walmart ealier this fall. She put them on and wore til bed time. We also bought her a digital camera, battery charger and batteries. She loves to use my camera to take photos and does a good job of it. She was absolutely thrilled with the camera!

Owen could not decide what tractor or truck to play with! He also opened a gift from his Uncle Cody and then that became the center of his attention. A loader he cold take apart and put back together again with a little battery powered drill. He was busy "mechanic'n" for hours! His Papa Doug and Uncle Cody sure got a kick out of watching him work.

Our daughter-in-law, Emily, is an awesome cook and she had made two kinds of lasgana for dinner. We had our choice of chicken alfredo lasgana or a seafood variety. No one left the table hungry, that's for sure! Connor had gotten up before dinner, so he was able to join us although he ate chicken and noodles and squash of the baby food type.

After visiting, relaxing, eating and just soaking in our kids and grandkids, it was time to head back home. The boys, Em and Haley had started playing a card game, with Connor helping his mom with her hand. Owen was still working away on his loader when we left to make the long drive back to the ranch. It always seems so much longer going home than going up there for some reason.  Even though it was a week late,our Christmas get together was just as wonderful as it would have been then! 


gowestferalwoman said...

Sigh..those grandkids of yours are the 'cats-meow :) No wonder a week seemed like a month and the ride home was longer!

Sarah said...

Wish we had known you and Doug were left on your own for Christmas. The 5 of us could have met in Baker for dinner or something! It would have added a little more cheer to both our Christmas gatherings!
My family has started doing their Christmas on New Years so that my brother and sister and their family units arn't strapped trying to get to everyone on Christmas day. Works pretty good, and it stretched out the holiday a bit. So Mom and Dad usually just kick back on Christmas day, go to a movie like you did, and eat a miniature Christmas dinner.
Sorry your Christmas plans were altered for such rotten reasons, but I'm glad it worked out and you all had a merry gathering, adn doubly glad everyone recovered from the icks and you never got them!

Far Side of Fifty said...

As long as you eventually got to be together! your grands are as cute as they can be:)