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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bare ground and spring have to be coming, right?

The last time I took a photo of this sign in one of my flowerbeds, ( Dec. 15, 2010 post) the posies were still visible for the most part. My fingers are just itching to be able to start working in my yard. The official start of spring is just over a month away. Looking at the snow drifted all over and the thermometer again this morning at -20F it's hard to believe that!

As they breath in the cold air and exhale the steam all of the animals carry frost on mornings like this. and throughout the day.

The deer are becoming braver as time goes by. This pair of fawns was in the hay yard in broad daylight, just after noon. I had been going in and out of this hay yard getting bales as I fed cattle for several hours. I also had three dogs with me but they don't stay way long. This hay yard is directly below our house and we can sit at the dining room table and see what is going on down there. Even the sounds of the patio door opening an closing as we go in and out and the dogs too, the deer are claiming it as their territory. This pair finally skipped over the fence and headed about 200 yards away into a pasture. I am not sure how long it was before they were back again. Spring can't come too soon for people or critters here!

This deer showed up this morning about 9:45 a.m  not long after I posted the rest of
theses photos. I shot this photo thru the patio door.

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Sarah said...

I think we all get a case of spring fever this time of year! Too bad we still have a bit to wait. Maybe we'll soon be past teh bitter cold though. I hope!