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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

gotta take that bite, too!

Have you ever noticed that when you feed a baby with a spoon, you feel like you need to "take a bite" too as you aim for the baby's mouth? 

I am babysitting my grandsons one of whom is three years old and the other 7 months. The older of the two likes to help with everything. Yesterday he helped me feed his little brother. With each spoonful, he had to hold his mouth like he was taking a bite too, or maybe hoping the way he held his mouth made for better aim!  

The finished product! When I told my helper thank you, his response was, "you betcha!"


fourwilkies said...


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a sweet little helper. And I just want to smooch that little baby's cheeks and rub my hand on his soft fuzzy head. lol!
I remember when mine were that little. Guess I've have to wait until my kids give me grandbabies one day. hee hee!


gowestferalwoman said...

what laughing orca ranch said - how can you not want to??? and your lil' helper too! You be a blessed grandmom for sure!

Sarah said...

such sweet boys! I enjoyed all your pictures and the narration, but that last one...that's a keeper for sure! The expression on his face is priceless!
I'm sure your just eating up this time with the boys! Enjoy!

Rising Rainbow said...

Very cute!