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Friday, May 6, 2011

Fluffy, soft, wet,green

I spent some time yesterday just kind of wandering when I was in the pasture checking cows. In this particular pasture is a woody draw which in the spring usually has water running through it. It is a good place for the cows and calves to get out of bad weather. In the summer, it holds an abundance of chokecherries and plums. It is commonplace to jump deer, coyotes, and turkeys in this draw. 

Yesterday,I came across a tail of feathers in the draw. At the end of the trail was the minute bit left of a wild turkey. The pile was dark and messy.The feathers strung in the grass brush nearby caught the sunlight and moved gently in the wind.

Some the feathers are sort, downy and soft while larger ones don't have the fluff. They all however,had black,brown and white for most of their length. Tipped with a band of irredescence and white the feathers were certainly eye catching!

 Last week just when we thought
winter was done,we had a major
blizzard. Leaving downed power
poles and trees, dead cattle and
huge snow banks it lasted about
36 hours. The next day the snow
began to melt once agin,causing water to run high and fast again in the creeks. The little creek in the draw was running hard enough to make a pleasant sound as it rushed past.

Now that it has warmed up again, green leafy things are springing to life in the draw.


Shirley said...

Some coyote had a tasty meal! The creeks are rising here, but there is a huge amount of snow yet to melt on the mountain tops. It will be interesting to see if there is any flooding.

Crystal said...

Ya green leaves, ours are budded, but no actual leaves are showing through yet