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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two days difference!

This was the view looking east from our front porch two days ago. Things were greening up. Knutson Creek had finally gone down after our big blizzard of a week ago.Many times our weather here changes drastically and quickly. Later in the evening after this photo was taken, a new weather front moved in. It brought with it thunderstorms which began that night and have continued for almost 48 hours.
This was the view from the same place this afternoon. It does look a little different doesn't it? Knutson Creek is running higher than it has in at least ten years. The water level has receeded somewhat as the day passed.
This was looking out of our patio door into the hay yard. The road into the yard was under several feet of water today.


Sarah said...

amazing how fast it comes up isn't it? I used to never understand what the big deal was with "flash floods" and why they are supposedly so dangerous, but the older I get adn the more I see of mother nature the more I understand the strength and power of a little water...or a lot! Stay high and dry!

Shirley said...

There are a huge amount of floods this year. In Manitoba it is the worst in 300 years.