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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dining with Owen

Last week we were in Billings, Montana to attend a funeral. One of our sons and his oldest son were also there. Owen is three and a half now and never stops moving except to eat or sleep. He loves to talk....a lot! That evening, after the funeral and gathering, a few of my cousins and an aunt joined us for supper. The food and fellowship were great. Owen, however, was the entertainment!
"You're serious? I can really hit this
thing,make lots of noise and not get
in trouble?"

"You're sure about this?"
"Ok, here it goes!"
"Hmm...chopsticks or fingers? How about

"Cool! Not only do they have that
big gong thing but s'mores to eat
after all of that fun food!

How's that for a good ending?

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Sarah said...

I see you went to one of Malcolm's favorite dining locations in Billings! Looks like Owen enjoyed it very much!